Evan Walter | Front End Engineering

Evan Walter

Front End Engineering

React | Next.js | Node.js | TypeScript | GraphQL

I created this open-source web app, evanwalter.dev, with the tech stack above. I recently added test coverage with Cypress!


I am a Front End Engineer and a Web Developer at GhostBed. We primarily work with the tech stack above along with Vue.js, Shopify, and Craft CMS. I love being part of our engineering team! We work closely with the marketing team, which I also love. They're fun, and I enjoy learning how our business works.

Recently, I had the privilege of appearing as a guest on The React Show podcast!

I also enjoy programming languages. To grow my skills and satisfy my curiosity, I started learning Rust.

Other than coding, I really enjoy rock climbing, fitness, traveling, and pretty much anything outdoors. And I love spending time with family and friends.


Check out my GPT-3 text generator app!

In this project, I incorporate the following skills.

  • Fetching from an external API
  • Managing user input with a form
  • React hooks and controlled components

If you'd like to see more works, check out the works page.